Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fashion Exhibit: The Art From of the Classic French Couture

Here's just a few moments of French couture displayed recently at the Hotel de Ville, showing once again that Paris is the capital of fashion.  Sheer beauty, extraordinary details and historic significance is part of what this exhibit is all about. The history of Paris Fashion is really more than luxury goods; everyone  thinks Paris as a giant luxury mall but this obscures what is important about this city and its fashion history. The personalities in fashion, the creators, are really what is so unique about Paris. The creators, along with the individuals who are sewing and beading each piece,  though are long gone, are still with us through the sheer beauty, passion and vision of these designs.

Alas, the exhibit is ending but many of us are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Paris Fashion Museum, closed in 2011 for re-construction.

Pictured here are:  Jean Patou, Vionnet, Carven

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am dreaming of Shoes: Alejandro Ingelmo Spring 2013

Shoes are like dreams.  They come in many colors and shapes, and you can see a different one every day.  But some of them stay with you, and linger in  your mind.  That's how I felt when I met Alejandro, in person, a shoe designer from New York.

He is a designer with a fresh feminine vision. The shoes are beautifully constructed in Italy and surprise, no platforms.  This is what Alejandro explained to me, that was critical for his designs.  He felt that the feminine and ladylike shoe was about a sculptured heel, elegant foot that is part of a shorter and more pointed toe.  Very classic shapes that are highlighted by the boomerang shape, an inspiration for the designer for this season. Alejandro is dedicated to the feminine and flirty woman, and these shoes express his vision.
I tried on the shoes, and they were very comfortable, the angle support, the curve of the heel were easy to walk in for that special occasion dress or just with your jeans or if you like the skinny rocker leather legging, there was really no limit as the shoes work with just about anything. Here in Southern California, you could wear these pumps poolside with your designer swimsuit.
Of course, the leathers are scrumptious, with suedes that melt like butter, and the stitching is literally, flawless. I took a photo of the pump from several angles, and they look beautiful from the back as well as the front, the true test for a good shoe designer.  He has thought of everything, so just slip them on go.  The only warning I have for you, is make sure you're accompanied by a body guard. These shoes are positively dangerous.   Here are the photos of my favorites, and like all beautiful dreams, I promise these will stay with you.

The website for the designer is very easy to shop on and gives you a more complete display of his beautiful collections.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thierry Mugler: An Iconic House Rises Again.

The issue with Thierry Mugler, is always that the clothes were attached to an era. The 1980s, to be exact.  But a fresh new look and revitalization by
the recent infusion of Nicola Formichetti, and his creative direction,  was a great help in making the brand fresh again.  Now that he's moved on, we can only hope that this great direction, will continue with a refined and unique vision that was always Mugler. Tailoring, space-like shapes, and gorgeous Italian fabrics and unique constructions.

Here are a few looks from the upcoming Fall 2013 Collections.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Jewelry for the Many Women you are: Virgin, Saints & Angels

The mysterious wonders of a woman's character, the many things she is from day to day, to the evening, from one age to another. Jewelry that is iconic is not just a Chanel or a Harry Winston diamond, its more than that.  Virgin, Saints and Angels is precious, because it is symbolic and iconic.  The collections are riddled with images, symbols and beauty of the Virgin Mary, and all that entails.  The images of power and birth, death and beauty are combined into jewelry that is statement making and not for the faint of heart. When you wear the jewelry, it becomes part of your identity and at the same time extends your imagery into someplace totally different.  Here are our favorite pieces...but there is more, much more...

Explore yourself, at their website.

Golden Globes: Best & Worst...zzzzz

Best Red Carpet and Worst...from Kate to Lucy and everything in between.  So, now that the awards season has begun, we'll just have to fasten our seatbelts and get ready for a bumpy ride! 

First, let's talk about the best:  Kate Hudson.  Between the sleek stylings and the beautiful golden beaded decor around the neck, and front belt detail; the sexy drop neckline was a flawless look for the Golden Globes.  What makes the perfect Golden Globes Dress?  If you notice the details are simple, the impact great, and the luxury details perfect for camera, then you're on track. Whether its color, fabric, details, or cut, the Red Carpet gown is not the easiest gown to wear in the world, but Kate lately has really learned her lessons. 

Actresses often forget that they're on TV: this is about how a gown will work for a television camera, and those little square boxes in everyone's living rooms.  Some dresses, just don't fit.   Lucy Liu, stunningly incorrect in her large, 18th century gown which was simply too big for television, though the dress for an editorial shoot at the Hotel Crillon in Paris would have been lovely. The pattern, color, but most of all, scale of this dress just didn't work. She'll think twice before she ever leaves her house in a dress that wore her, instead of she wearing it. Great buzz though, but probably the buzz she really didn't want.  

Winners on the carpet this year, were wearing things that were perfect for the roles they play in the film, or television world. The ladies who did well chose something perfect for their characters: the ingenue,  the comic,  the romantic, the sexpot, the socialite, the bookworm, etc.   

Kate, you have won Best Golden Globe, and, deserve your place in Red Carpet History, this was one of your most shining moments.  Enjoy it. 

The do's and don'ts of the Red carpet...that's next time, and we'll spare no expense in bringing you the secrets of success, because hey, we're a high budget operation over here, at Styliste Privee. 


Sunday, September 30, 2012

SHOES for DAZE: We just can't stop with the shoes!

Chris Benz:  
Wearing White for the BOHO Casual Girl 

Here's what we liked about the CHRIS BENZ SHOW:  the shoes were casual, chic and made of surfaces and leathers that were not over the top nor dull; they were aged, like our favorite vintage store bargain and paired like you see here; with leggings, roll up pans, and bare legs, or dresses that were layered with a huge variety of sweaters and toppers.  There was just a nice selection of fun things that made his spring collection worth the fun. 

So, here below are the t-straps in white cracked leather with a simple 70s heel. 
These are paired with a fun graphic black and white school satchel and patterned roll up soft pants, with contrast linings. 

These will be a fun way to wear white next spring:  not pure white, but aged, vintage and a bit worn on the surface. 

Chris Benz Spring 2013

New Ways to Wear White

Friday, September 28, 2012

SHOE LOVE: Another amazing SHOE on our Radar

Oh Joy, oh, Rapture, its another IVEY SHOE.  We can post one each day and never get tired of them, they're so totally gorgeous.  

Here's the killer platform we wish we had now, and the orange one for spring 2013.  Can you believe the color of this copper gold leather that is infused with an enamel like surface to make the heel, a totally Cleopatra experience? 

Take a closer look at the gorgeous platform.  Its like a little platform for your perfectly manicured toes...they will be so happy to be there; also notice the gorgeous buckle, and the soft and comfortable ankle strap.  Darling. Sexy. Deco. Dangerous. 

We'll post a few more for you to see, and welcome your thoughts on what to wear with these....

We're waiting for a pair just like you!   If only they were out in stores now, but not yet, we can hope! 

Styliste Privee get's an eyeful of the NEW IVY shoes...seen at SPRING SHOE SUITE...MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK